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Susanne Tabata
(Photograph by Jason Payne, Vancouver Sun, 2010)

BeatRoute Magazine March 2012 Bloodied But Unbowed by Joe Smiglicki
"BeatRoute gathered a handful of important key members from the Vancouver scene to talk about the music and the city back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The panel included director Susanne Tabata, photographer Bev Davies, DOA bass player Randy Rampage, Pointed Sticks bass player Tony Bardach, Tunnel Canary guitarist and artist Nathan Holiday, Subhumans bass player Gerry “Useless” Hannah, and I, Braineater vocalist/guitarist and artist Jim Cummins...." 12 Jan 2012 Nerd Alert! by Johnson Cummins
"[T]his documentary captures the zeitgeist of the scene dating from the late 70s until the legendary DOA would change the game and help usher in the term “hardcore” in the early 80s. What Tabata’s camera captures so vividly, and sadly what most punk rock revision­ists tend to ignore, is how intertwined the punk movement was with the fringe art and gay community of the day..."

BigTakeover online 11 Dec 2011
Bloodied But Unbowed DVD (Deluxe Edition) review by Jeff Nielsen
Director Susanne Tabata says she’s been working on her documentary Bloodied But Unbowed for over three years but from the look of it, Vancouver’s first punk scene has been ready for its close-up for the last thirty years. The film, released on DVD December 1st 2011, is made up of both reams of fascinating interview footage that Tabata has been shooting since 2008 and a treasure trove of period archival footage that come from early music videos, cable access shows, Hollywood feature films, amateur film enthusiasts, art students and the like. It’s difficult to imagine that any other North American late seventies/early eighties punk scene would have anywhere near this quantity (and quality!) of footage. [...]

Winnipeg Free Press 18 November 2011
Punk Scene Gets its Due in Fast, Furious Doc
by Rob Williams
Arguably, punk rock wouldn't be as powerful if the personalities behind the music weren't equally as compelling. Take the Vancouver punk scene, for instance, where punk pioneers like Joe Keithley, Gerry Hannah, Randy Rampage, Zippy Pinhead, Brad Kent, Jimmy Cummins and Tony Bardach are as colourful as the music they made in D.O.A., the Subhumans, the Pointed Sticks and I, Braineater. They all get a chance to show off their compelling personas while reminiscing about the fertile underground Vancouver scene between 1977 and 1981 in the new Susanne Tabata documentary, Bloodied But Unbowed.
The 75-minute film features a who's who of the West Coast punk scene. These musicians rewrote the rule book by blazing their own trail in a variety of distinctly non-commercial styles, from the political middle-finger-raised punk of D.O.A. and the Subhumans to the clever power-pop of the Pointed Sticks and Young Canadians to the avant-garde art-rock of U-J3RK5. [...]

Exclaim! Magazine Dec. 2011 issue
Bloodied But Unbowed by Sam Sutherland
For fans of bands like D.O.A, the Subhumans and the Pointed Sticks, it will come as no surprise that Bloodied but Unbowed, a long-overdue documentary about the early Vancouver punk scene, is as good as its 2006 Stateside counterpart, American Hardcore. A slick, high-energy look at one of the most active punk and hardcore communities of the '70s and early '80s, Bloodied is every bit the film these unsung Canuck heroes deserve.
There's an unexpected dose of humour here, as director Susanne Tabata works to capture all the angles that made Vancouver such a new wave hotbed, while the segment covering the K-Tels' Art Bergmann is particularly strong and touching, highlighting the damage that years spent in the punk trenches has done to some of its early participants. Ultimately, Bloodied is crucial viewing for any fan of the classic Vancouver scene, but offers enough context and brevity to engross anyone with a casual interest in Canada's musical history. [...]

Sound On Sight:

Lithium Magazine: Interview with Susanne Tabata September 2, 2011

The Live Nation Boss Fesses Up On His Punk Past, June 16, 2011
Booking punk bands under false names into legion halls and suburban youth centres in Vancouver in the late 1970s isn’t much different from what Gerry Barad does now: organizing massive tours for U2 and the Kings of Leon and Peter Gabriel. “The only thing that’s different are the numbers--they’re bigger now,” Barad, the Vancouver-raised chief operating office of the world’s largest concert promotions outfit, Live Nation, told the Star in a recent phone interview from his home in Chicago. [...]

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

San Francisco Chronicle: 27 September 2010
After TIFF Tiff, Local Punk Music Doc Heads to Small Screen
by Mike Klassen

Excerpt Tom Harrison's column in The Province,  May 25, 2010:
"The biggest laugh at the recent screening of the documentary Bloodied But Unbowed was seeing Randy Rampage and Brad Kent pulling up to the Granville Seven in a stretch limousine. Good for them. They couldn't have afforded one in 1978. Riding in a limo in '78 wasn't a punk thing to do, but 30 years later it seems typically irreverent, if not ironic. It also signifies the status Rampage and Kent have acquired as important figures in the original punk scene. Bloodied But Unbowed is Susanne Tabata's story of how punk rock developed in the city between 1978 and '81, and hints at its downfall. It was shown at the DOXA festival of documentary films. Though both screenings were sold out and DOXA is over, there is the feeling that Tabata hasn't finished tinkering with her film. It's good, though, and a great soundtrack CD could be made of it."

VANCOUVER SUN 7 MAY 2010: "Bloodied But Unbowed chronicles Vancouver's crazed punk scene" by John Mackie (click here to download PDF)
Tabata Sun
Photograph by: Jason Payne, Vancouver Sun

Bloodied But Unbowed traces Vancouver's punk history
, by Mike Usinger
(click here to download PDF)

DISCORDER 2 May 2010
Bloodied But Unbowed: Interview with Susanne Tabata
, by Sarah Charrouf
(click here to download PDF)

Vancouver's punk pains in focus at DOXA documentary fest, by Tom Harrison
(click link to download PDF)

WESTENDER 5 May 2010 DOXA keeps the beat alive

VANMUSIC.CA 13 May 2010 Interview with Bloodied But Unbowed director Susanne Tabata

24 HOURS (Vancouver) 13 May 2010 Punk is alive and well on screen
(click on link, then select 13 May 2010 to view)
24 hours cover24 hours