Rabid were in existence roughly from fall 1978 to fall 1979, not counting a handful of reunion or “farewell” shows that followed. (Their final show was probably in November 1980.) They were never able able to emerge from the shadows of their big brother bands, the Subhumans and DOA, even though they were well liked and respected by fans and musicians. They never made a record either, and didn’t even appear on the Vancouver Complication album. The problem was, Rabid could never secure a full-time drummer.

rabid simon lynnRabid denton

The original Rabid lineup was Sid Sick (vocals), Jon Doe (guitar) Simon Wilde (bass) and Zippy Pinhead (drums). When Zippy Pinhead traveled with DOA on their first trip to San Francisco, he liked it so much he decided to move there, leaving Rabid without a drummer. Zippy eventually joined the Dils, who visited Vancouver often. Whenever Zippy was in town there would usually be a Rabid appearance somewhere; but most often, Rabid gigs included Chuck Biscuits or DImwit on drums. In January 1980 Simon joined DOA on bass for a few months. Simon Wilde died from a brain embolism on 4 May 1991.

Les sez: Simon Wilde was a very dear guy once you got beyond his thuggish exterior. Zippy, of course, became known as the most promiscuous of the scene with his Will-Ball-You-For-Food campaign. John Doe went on to become known as the Keith Richards of Canada for his work with The Scramblers. What comes across in pictures of the band were how young they were. I always referred to them as the Children’s Crusade.

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