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SnotRag no. 1 published by Don Betts and Steve Trevor, Vancouver's first punk fanzine.

The Skulls move to Toronto.

The Furies and Dishrags at Japanese Hall.

The Furies record "What Do You Want Me To Be?" demo tape.

The Ramones at the Commodore Ballroom (with Seattle's The Lewd).

Stone Crazy transforms into The Skulls.

The Furies play in Seattle, with The Lewd.

The Lewd, Furies, and Skulls at the Japanese Hall. The Furies final show.

Tim Ray debut 7-inch single “Space Race” b/w “Time Waves” released.

In March, the Pointed Sticks debut their new lineup, adding drummer Robert Bruce and keyboardist Gord Nicholl from Active Dog.
Also in March, John Armstrong (aka Buck Cherry) forms the Modernettes.

The Skulls split up in Toronto.

Joey Shithead has formed DOA, with Randy Rampage and Chuck Biscuits.
Other bands formed around this time include The Rest, the Chumps, and the Generators.

The “Vancouver Invasion” at the Japanese Hall featuring Surrey/White Rock-area bands the Shmorgs and the Monitors.

DOA and the Subhumans at Simon Fraser University's South Court Lounge.

The Avengers (from San Francisco), DOA, and the Dishrags at the Japanese Hall.

DOA appear at the 1st Georgia Straight Battle of the Bands, held at the Body Shop. Other notable combatants include Tim Ray & A.V., No Fun (from Surrey), and Doug & the Slugs. Also playing, but not competing, are the Dishrags, and the Explosions.

This month, DOA release their debut 4-song 7-inch Disco Sucks EP, on their own Sudden Death Records label. Also in June, No Fun release their debut 7inch EP, Fall For a Cliché, on their own Werewolf T-Shirt Records label.

Canada Day “Anarchy in Canada” free outdoor punk concert in Stanley Park, featuring DOA, Private School, and the Subhumans.

Vancouver Magazine's “Punks On Parade” cover story hits newsstands; Les Wiseman's debut feature article.

DOA’s San Francisco debut, playing two nights at the Mabuhay Gardens.

In August, the Quadra Club begins booking local punk/new wave bands. The Pointed Sticks and Rabid make their public debuts.

In August 1978 Tim Ray's band A.V. release the "A.V.E.P." 7-inch EP, the debut of the Quintessence Records label.

DOA, the Dishrags, and Pointed Sticks at SFU's South Court Lounge.

The Pointed Sticks win the Second Georgia Straight Battle of the Bands, at the Commodore Ballroom. The Subhumans place third.

DOA’s second engagement at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco (2 nights).

In October 1978, The Windmill on Granville Street begins booking local punk/new wave bands. Active Dog make their public debut.

Debut issue of Public Enemy, a punk/new wave tabloid-style music paper.

“New Wave Showcase” at the Viking Hall featuring DOA, the Pointed Sticks, Dishrags, Active Dog, Rabid, AV, and Private School. To raise funds for the proposed Vancouver Complication album.

The Pointed Sticks release What Do You Want Me to Do? b/w Somebody’s Mom 7-inch single (on Quintessence Records).

First night of the Subhumans San Francisco debut, at the Mabuhay Gardens with the Dead Kennedys.

December sees the release of DOA's "The Prisoner" b/w "Thirteen" single (on Quintessence) and the Subhumans debut single "Death to the Sickoids" b/w "Oh Canaduh" (on their own Praise Records label).

DOA open for The Ramones at the Commodore Ballroom.

The Pointed Sticks open for Devo at the Commodore Ballroom.

In January, guitarist Brad Kent leaves Vancouver to join the Avengers in California.

The Dishrags open for The Clash at the Commodore Ballroom.

In February 1979 the K-Tels and the Wasted Lives will make their public debuts. The Subhumans tour the West Coast.

“Blanc Vanc!” at the Helen Pitt Gallery, two nights featuring U-J3RK5 (aka the U-Jerks), Exxotone, the Shades, [e], and a Generators reunion show.

In March, the Smilin' Buddha opens its doors to punk bands.

Benefit concert for the Vancouver Complication album at O’Hara’s, featuring U-J3RK5 (U-Jerks), the Pointed Sticks, Subhumans, Private School, DOA, and Dishrags.

Night of the infamous Smilin’ Buddha police raid; over a dozen patrons are roughed up & arrested during a concert by the Subhumans. The next evening, Joey Shithead showed off his bruises on a local TV talk show.

DOA launch their first North American tour at O'Hara's, with San Francisco's The Dils. The two bands would share several west coast dates, then split-up and meet again in New York.

DOA perform at the Rock Against Racism free outdoor concert in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

The Dils and DOA play a show together at Hurrah’s in New York City.

The Avengers return to Vancouver, first of two nights at the Janus Theatre with their new guitarist Brad Kent. It's a short-lived triumph, however, as the Avengers call it quits that June.

In June the Pointed Sticks release their second single, The Real Thing b/w Out of Luck (Quintessence). Just before it's released, Dimwit replaces drummer Robert Bruce, just in time for their first west coast tour.

The newly-formed K-Tels win the Third Georgia Straight Battle of the Bands.

The Dead Kennedys make their Vancouver debut, opening for the K-Tels at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

"Rock Against Prisons" at Ukrainian Hall, featuring the Subhumans and Rabid; and a clutch of recent additions to the Vancouver scene: the Zellots, the Devices, AKA, and Tunnel Canary.

In August, the "Vancouver Complication" album was released, featuring tracks by the Pointed Sticks, Exxotone, DOA, Active Dog, the Wasted Lives, Subhumans, U-J3RK5, No Fun, the Dishrags, K-Tels, Shades, Tim Ray & AV, Private School, and [e?].

"Rock Against Radiation" free outdoor concert in Vanier Park features DOA, the Pointed Sticks, Subhumans (with their brand new drummer Jim Imagawa), the K-Tels (just returned from their first west coast tour), and reggae combo Reconstruction.

The Pointed Sticks are signed to Stiff Records, UK.

In August, The Payolas released their debut single "China Boys" on their own Slophouse label.

In September the Braineaters (aka I, Braineater) released their debut 7-inch EP on their own label. Fronted by artist Jim Cummins, the personnel on the record includes Art Bergmann, Buck Cherry, Dave Gregg and Ian Tiles.
Also in September, Active Dog released its posthumous single "Rat Race" b/w "Good Filthy Fun" on their own label.

In October, the Pointed Sticks released their third (and last) single on the Quintessence label: "Lies" b/w "I'm Numb." That same month, their Out Of Luck EP was released on Stiff Records in the UK. The band embarks on a second west coast tour.

DOA release the Triumph of the Ignoroids live 12-inch EP on the Friends Records label. Recorded during the first Battle of the Bands in 1978.

In the middle of their second North American tour, DOA fly back to Vancouver to open for The Clash at the PNE Gardens.

Dead Kennedys return to Vancouver, headlining Legion Hall show with the Subhumans, Private School, and the newly-renamed Young Canadians (formerly the K-Tels).

The Pointed Sticks are filmed while performing a free concert at the Viking Hall, for the Dennis Hopper film Out Of The Blue.

In November, the Dishrags' debut Past Is Past 7inch EP was released by Seattle label Modern Records.

In December, Private School released the Lost In Action 7inch EP, but split up shortly afterwards.

DOA and the Female Hands play a concert at the UBC SUB Ballroom. However, after clashes between punk rockers and Engineering students hired as "security", DOA's set descends into chaos and rioting; the band barricades itself backstage as the police disperse the crowd. A few weeks later, DOA announce they are splitting up.

In January, Randy Rampage heads down to Los Angeles to join Brad Kent in his new band, The 45's, which also features singer Heather Haley (of Vancouver's The Zellots), and drummer Karla Mad Dog (of LA's The Controllers).

Joey Shithead begins re-assembling DOA, eventually settling on a lineup of drummer Chuck Biscuits, guitarist Dave Gregg (from Private School), and bassist Simon Wilde (from Rabid).

The Young Canadians release debut Hawaii 12inch EP on Quintessence Records. The initial pressings include copies of their Automan 7-inch EP, pressed while they were still called the K-Tels, but abandoned after the K-Tel Corporation filed suit against them. In February the band launches a second west coast tour.

In January the Pointed Sticks flew to London, England to play a handful of showcases and begin recording an album for Stiff Records.

The Subhumans self-titled 12-inch EP released by Quintessence Records (dated 1979 on the sleeve).

Black Flag’s Vancouver debut, at the Smilin' Buddha, supporting a Rabid reunion show.

The Dils' farewell concert in San Francisco; drummer Zippy Pinhead returns to Vancouver.

New bands on the Vancouver scene include the Bludgeoned Pigs, the Critics, Tectonics, the Scissors, Tin Twist, Blackheads, Bonus Boys, Cover Boys, Secret V’s, and Newbeats.

New bands on the Vancouver scene at this point include: No Exit, Insex, Maurice & the Cliches, the Refills, the Tax, the Potatoes, Mobile Clones, and the Questionnaires.

The 45’s make their Vancouver debut, first of three nights headlining the Smilin’ Buddha.

Maclean's Magazine hits the stands featuring the article “New Wave: No-Star Rock”; includes Bev Davies photos of the Young Canadians, DOA, and Pointed Sticks.

The Dils’ posthumous Made In Canada 7inch EP appears. Recorded in Vancouver and released on Gerry Barad's Rogelleti Records label.

In April, Chuck Biscuits would leave DOA (temporarily) and be replaced by Andy Graffiti.

In April, Rude Norton's debut 7-inch EP was released by Rogeletti Records. Also, the Secret V’s released their debut 12-inch EP, Modern Boy.

In May, Joey Shithead fires Dave Gregg, Andy Graffiti & Simon Wilde, and re-forms the original DOA trio with Randy Rampage & Chuck Biscuits.

New bands on the Vancouver scene at this time include the Singing Cowboys, the Ant Heads, and O.D. (featuring Mad Dog).

In May, the Modernettes debut 12inch EP Teen City is released on the Quintessence label. Quintessence also releases the U-J3RK5 self-titled 12inch EP.

In June, A&M Records Canada release the Payolas 12-inch EP, Introducing Payolas. The Shriek release their debut 12-inch EP, Sex Sells.

In June, Gary Taylor’s Rock Room begins booking punk & new wave bands.

In June, No Exit self-released their debut full-length album (the first by a Vancouver punk group; it was rush-released to beat DOA to the punch).

In July the Dishrags released the Death In The Family 7inch EP on their own label. They would split up shortly afterwards.

Other July releases include the Subhumans' Firing Squad b/w No Productivity single (on Quintessence); and the The Haters (featuring GX Jupitter-Larsen) self-titled 7-inch EP.

DOA are on another, even more extensive North American tour; and guitarist Dave Gregg has rejoined them.

New bands on the Vancouver scene at this time include the Aircuts, the B-Sides, Buddy Selfish, David Raven & the Escorts, the Wankers, and the Warts.

In September DOA’s Something Better Change LP is released by Friends Records.
Also, the Young Canadians' This is Your Life 12inch EP is released by Quintessence.

New bands appearing at this time include Los Radicos Popularos, the Repellents, Hawaiian Spy, East Van Halen, Right Guard, and Illegal Youth.

DOA, the Young Canadians and Modernettes play a show together at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, part of the Western Front Festival.

In October the Female Hands’ self-titled 12-inch EP was released by Quintessence. Unfortunately, the band has already split-up.

In November the Pointed Sticks released their Perfect Youth full-length album on Quintessence.

In November the Subhumans' debut album Incorrect Thoughts was released by Friends Records. They also have two tracks on the Vancouver Independence compilation album.

Also in November, AKA’s debut Red Therapy 12-inch EP was released on their own Seouldog Records label.

The Young Canadians play their farewell shows, 3 nights at the Lotus Gardens Hotel, which had just begin booking local punk/new wave bands.

In December, The Laundromat opens its doors to local punk/new wave all-ages concerts.

In January the Subhumans embark on a western tour.

In January, the Modernettes and AKA both call it quits. New local acts include the Butchers, the Villains, the Occasional Tables, Brandon Wolf, Warsaw, and 54/40.

Also in January, the "Bud Luxford Presents" compilation album was released; the first of two volumes chronicling Vancouver's "fuck band" scene.

Quintessence Records shuts down its record label operation; it's badly in debt. The retail store remains open (for a while, anyways).

"HARDCORE ’81" -- two nights at the Laundromat featuring DOA, Black Flag, No Alternative (SF), 7 Seconds (Reno), the Bludgeoned Pigs, Insex, Blank Generation (Edmonton), and No Exit.

Official debut of Los Popularos (now a full-time band with the demise of the Young Canadians and Modernettes) over 2 nights at the Laundromat.

The B-Sides debut Underground Radio Stars 7inch EP released on the Radioactive label.

In March, Tin Twist and Popular Front both release debut singles on the fledgling MoDaMu artists co-op label.

"ROCK AGAINST REAGAN" at the Teamsters Hall, featuring the Subhumans, Scissors, Tunnel Canary, and Illegal Youth. After this, the Subhumans launched an extensive North American tour in April.

In April, DOA's second album Hardcore ’81 was released by Friends Records; and the band launched another extensive North American tour.

Bud Luxford album benefit at the Smilin’ Buddha, to help finance a second volume. Performers include Buddy Selfish, the Raisinettes, Jimbo & the Lizard Kings, Rude Norton, Sasquatch, and the Melody Pimps.

In April, Los Popularos release debut 7-inch single Working Girls b/w Mystery To Myself, on their own label.

“U.S. INVADES CANADA!” -- 2 nights at the Smilin' Buddha featuring X-15 (Seattle), the Untouchables (Portland), and the Fastbacks (Seattle).

In May, the Secret V’s release their second 12-inch EP, No Life Like It.

New bands at this point include: Images In Vogue, Moev, Animal Slaves, Greasy Spoons, Sparkletones, Young Drivers Of Canada (from Kelowna), the Mellobeets, Rockin’ Edsels, and Dale Hickey & the Hickorys.
Tin Twist split up in June.

In June, No Fun release Ghost Paperboy In Robin’s Gay Trailer Park (cassette).

In July, Magic Dragon release debut Emotional Landscape album.
Also, Tunnel Canary release their Live in the Studio 30-min cassette.

DOA, Dead Kennedys, and Toxic Reasons at the Commodore Ballroom; DOA launch another west coast tour.

East Van Halen's farewell show at the Denman Place Inn (during a comic convention).

BUDSTOCK ‘81 at the Commodore: 10 bands 5 dollars. Coincides with release of Bud Luxford Presents Vol. 2.

Dayglo Abortions and House Of Commons (both from Victoria BC) at the Smilin’ Buddha. Two other Victoria bands release records in July: NoMeansNo's Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred 7-inch EP; and the Infamous Scientists' Noise 'N' Rhythm 12-inch EP.

The Payolas release their debut full-length LP, In A Place Like This.

Toxic Reasons (from Dayton, Ohio) and Personality Crisis (Winnipeg, Manitoba) play 2 nights at the Smilin’ Buddha.

Los Popularos embark on a Canadian tour. The B-Sides also tour Canada this month.

In August the Pointed Sticks tour the west coast for one last time, then split up shortly afterwards.

New bands at this point include the Thirsty Souls, the Pulse, VXN, the Replacements (not the band from Minnesota), Contraband, and Gentlemen Of Horror (from Kelowna BC).

In August, both Jim Imagawa and Gerry Useless leave the Subhumans; replaced by Dimwit and Ron Allen.

Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation LP released by Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label; a compilation of North American punk/hardcore that includes tracks by DOA and the Subhumans.

In October, Gary Taylor’s Rock Room and Rohan’s both close their doors to live music. However, In Concert (in Gastown) begins booking local punk/new wave bands.

The Dead Kennedys, DOA, and Anti-Nowhere League at the Lyceum in London; part of DOA's first-ever UK tour.

In October the Subhumans launch another western tour.

In October the Modernettes' posthumous Gone But Not Forgotten 12-inch EP was released.

In November, Corsage release their 5-song cassette Rome Burns, Corsage Sings.
Other new bands at this point include the French Letters, Sick Ones, Rhythm Mission, and Two Lovely Children.

In December, drummer Randy Bowman joins the Subhumans, replacing Dimwit.

In December, Zulu Records opens in the old Quintessence location on West 4th Avenue.

New Years Eve with DOA at the Smilin’ Buddha; Randy Rampage’s last show with DOA until 2001.

In January, MoDaMu's Things Are Still Coming Ashore compilation album was released: featuring Junco Run, Animal Slaves, 54/40 & more.

3-night Bud Luxford showcase at In Concert, featuring the Melody Pimps, Los Popularos, Insex, Buddy Selfish, and the Raisinettes.

By March 1982 Dimwit has joined DOA on bass, replacing Randy Rampage.

In March, Randy Rampage's self-titled 12-inch EP was released.

In March, the Neos, from Victoria, released their debut 7-inch EP. Another Victoria band, the Infamous Scientists, released their Trouble 12-inch EP.

New bands at this point include Castration Anxiety, Hastily Beastly (an all-star AC/DC spoof), Social Outcasts, Fatal KO, and the Enigmas.

YOUTH EXPLOSION #1 at West End Community Centre, featuring Los Popularos, the Scissors, French Letters, and Enigmas.

In April, DOA and TSOL tour the west coast together (although TSOL don't make it across the Canadian border into Vancouver).

A new reassembled Modernettes lineup debuts on a Bud Luxford Boat Cruise; also featuring Los Popularos, and Buddy Selfish & His Saviours.

YOUTH EXPLOSION #2: DOA, Personality Crisis, and the Dreadbeats at the West End Community Centre. (The Circle Jerks were billed, but didn’t make it up across the border).

Vancouver Island’s Cheekeye-Dunsmuir hydro substation was blown up by a guerrilla group calling themselves Direct Action.

MoDaMu 2-night showcase at Lucy's (formerly the Quadra Club) featuring Imagine-A-Nation, Junco Run, Animal Slaves, and 54-40. (Lucy’s was the original name of the lesbian disco that preceded the Quadra Club.)

YOUTH EXPLOSION #3: the B-Sides, Modernettes, Dinette Set (from Seattle), and Floating Boats at the West End Community Centre.

New acts on the scene at this point include Immoral Majority, Bang Bang, Ground Zero, and Herald Nix. On the other hand, Gentlemen Of Horror split-up.

YOUTH EXPLOSION #4: Black Flag, Braineaters, Saccharine Trust (from LA), and the Wrecks (from Reno) at the West End Community Centre. Chuck Biscuits leaves town with Black Flag, in preparation of his becoming their new drummer.

In July, DOA replace Chuck Biscuits with his own brother, Dimwit, who was already in the band playing bass. They find a temporary replacement bassist in Subhumans singer Brian Goble, aka Wimpy Roy, just in time for an upcoming west coast trip. After the tour, Wimpy's addition becomes permanent.

New additions to the local music scene at this point include the Actionauts, Tiger’s Breath, Soldiers Of Sport, the Weird Vibes, and Fatal Disease.

In August, a gay nightclub in Gastown called John Barley’s begins booking local punk/new wave bands.

"Subhumans Last Stand" -- their farewell show at Oddfellows Hall with No Exit and Riot 303 (from Calgary).

In September, DOA’s War On 45 12-inch EP was released in the US, and the band launched an extensive North American tour.

"Direct Action" claims responsibility for the massive car-bombing of the Litton Systems factory in Toronto.

In November, Los Popularos released their Born Free 12-inch EP. Also, the Scissors released their debut self-titled 12-inch EP.

The Night of the Red Hot Video arsons. A number of outlets were targeted in the Vancouver area, accused of illicitly selling violent pornography.

At 9:30am on Highway 99 (13 kilometres north of Squamish), the "Vancouver Five" were arrested by SWAT teams posing as a road works crew. Brent Taylor, Ann Hansen, Gerry Hannah (aka Gerry Useless), Julie Belmas and Doug Stewart were eventually charged with the Cheekeye-Dunsmuir blast, the Litton blast, Red Hot Video arsons, and conspiracy to rob a Brinks Armoured Truck. Benefit concerts are staged across North America for the legal defence fund. After a lengthy show trial, all five are convicted and sent to prison.