Bloodied But Unbowed by Sam Sutherland (Exclaim Magazine)

Bloodied But Unbowed by Sam Sutherland
Exclaim! Magazine Dec. 2011 issue
For fans of bands like D.O.A, the Subhumans and the Pointed Sticks, it will come as no surprise that Bloodied but Unbowed, a long-overdue documentary about the early Vancouver punk scene, is as good as its 2006 Stateside counterpart, American Hardcore. A slick, high-energy look at one of the most active punk and hardcore communities of the '70s and early '80s, Bloodied is every bit the film these unsung Canuck heroes deserve.
There's an unexpected dose of humour here, as director Susanne Tabata works to capture all the angles that made Vancouver such a new wave hotbed, while the segment covering the K-Tels' Art Bergmann is particularly strong and touching, highlighting the damage that years spent in the punk trenches has done to some of its early participants. Ultimately, Bloodied is crucial viewing for any fan of the classic Vancouver scene, but offers enough context and brevity to engross anyone with a casual interest in Canada's musical history. [...]