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| June 08, 2012
Bloodied But Unbowed received the Audience Choice Award at the PunkFilmFest in Berlin 2012
Scott Beadle | June 05, 2012
Bloodied But Unbowed DVD reviewed in Ox Magazine (Germany) issue #101
Scott Beadle | May 15, 2012
Bloodied But Unbowed screening at Sled Island festival (Calgary AB) Wed. June 20
Scott Beadle | May 08, 2012
Bloodied But Unbowed opens and closes punk movie fest in Berlin, May 8 + 12
Scott Beadle | March 12, 2012
Friday April 6: special screening of Bloodied But Unbowed' + live rock show with Hello Polly and Budokan at the Heritage Grill's Back Room Theatre
Scott Beadle | March 12, 2012
"BeatRoute gathered a handful of important key members from the Vancouver scene to talk about the music and the city back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The panel included director Susanne Tabata, photographer Bev Davies, DOA bass player Randy Rampage, Pointed Sticks bass player Tony Bardach, Tunnel Canary guitarist and artist Nathan Holiday, Subhumans bass player Gerry “Useless” Hannah, and I, Braineater vocalist/guitarist and artist Jim Cummins...."
| January 13, 2012
"[T]his documentary captures the zeitgeist of the scene dating from the late 70s until the legendary DOA would change the game and help usher in the term “hardcore” in the early 80s. What Tabata’s camera captures so vividly, and sadly what most punk rock revision­ists tend to ignore, is how intertwined the punk movement was with the fringe art and gay community of the day..."
| December 12, 2011
Director Susanne Tabata says she’s been working on her documentary Bloodied But Unbowed for over three years but from the look of it, Vancouver’s first punk scene has been ready for its close-up for the last thirty years. The film, released on DVD December 1st 2011, is made up of both reams of fascinating interview footage that Tabata has been shooting since 2008 and a treasure trove of period archival footage that come from early music videos, cable access shows, Hollywood feature films, amateur film enthusiasts, art students and the like. It’s difficult to imagine that any other North American late seventies/early eighties punk scene would have anywhere near this quantity (and quality!) of footage.
Scott Beadle | November 29, 2011
There's an unexpected dose of humour here, as director Susanne Tabata works to capture all the angles that made Vancouver such a new wave hotbed, while the segment covering the K-Tels' Art Bergmann is particularly strong and touching, highlighting the damage that years spent in the punk trenches has done to some of its early participants. Ultimately, Bloodied is crucial viewing for any fan of the classic Vancouver scene, but offers enough context and brevity to engross anyone with a casual interest in Canada's musical history. [...]
| November 19, 2011
Arguably, punk rock wouldn't be as powerful if the personalities behind the music weren't equally as compelling. Take the Vancouver punk scene, for instance, where punk pioneers like Joe Keithley, Gerry Hannah, Randy Rampage, Zippy Pinhead, Brad Kent, Jimmy Cummins and Tony Bardach are as colourful as the music they made in D.O.A., the Subhumans, the Pointed Sticks and I, Braineater. They all get a chance to show off their compelling personas while reminiscing about the fertile underground Vancouver scene between 1977 and 1981 in the new Susanne Tabata documentary, Bloodied But Unbowed.