Victorian Pork

VP Ian Lynn

In Vancouver at the end of 1977 and beginning of 1978, Victorian Pork was one of the few signs of life in an otherwise stillborn local punk scene. The Furies had split up, the Skulls moved to Toronto before splitting up, and the Dishrags were back in Victoria finishing high school. Victorian Pork was created in autumn 1977 by guitarist Brad Kent, around the same time that Stone Crazy were going through their transformation into the Skulls. The two bands often played shows together. When the Skulls moved to Toronto in November 1977, guitarist Brad decided to keep Victorian Pork going, drafting a new lineup and staging punk shows in rented halls. In February 1978, after the remnants of the Skulls returned to Vancouver, members of Victorian Pork seeded various bands including DOA, the Subhumans and Pointed Sticks.

Les sez: Certainly Brad’s band, Victorian Pork gave their all in performance. I remember watching them, pouring sweat, all pallid skin and bones, looking like wraiths hammering out a devastating noise. They looked so deathlike, I called them ‘tuberculan chic’ in my review.

VP Denton

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