Vancouver Punk & New Wave discography 1977-1983

November 1977
Tim Ray single Tim Ray, 7-inch single: Space Race b/w Time Waves. Label Label.
  April 1978
No Fun 1st 7inch


No Fun, 7-inch EP: Fall For a Cliché / Interlude / Paisley Brainbolts of the Mind / Now I Ain’t Got No Face / Planet / China Shop Raid. Werewolf T-Shirt Records (WTSF 1).

  May 1978
 DOA Disco Sucks

DOA, Disco Sucks 7-inch EP: Royal Police / Woke Up Screaming / Disco Sucks / Nazi Training Camp. Sudden Death Records. Re-released by Quintessence in April 1979.

 Explosions single Explosions, 7-inch single: Wilson, Lucas And Bruce. Georgia Straight label.
  June 1978
 Shmorgs LP Shmorgs album, self-titled, self-released.
  August 1978
 AVEP AV, 7-inch AVEP: Dying in Brooklyn / Cliché / Little Old Man / All Sane. Quintessence (QEP 001).
  November 1978
 Pointed Sticks What 7inch Pointed Sticks 7-inch single: What Do You Want Me to Do? b/w Somebodies Mom. Quintessence (QS 101).
 Siggy Magic Siggy Magic & The Hey-Hoe Band, Commercials For Free 7-inch EP: Commercials For Free / Tooth Decay / Passive & Blue / People Who Cheated Me.
  December 1978
 Subhumans Sickoids 7 Subhumans, 7-inch single: Death to the Sickoids b/w Oh Canaduh. Praise Records.
 DOA Prisoner DOA, 7-inch single: The Prisoner b/w Thirteen. Quintessence (QS 102).
  April 1979
 DOA Disco Sucks reissue DOA, Disco Sucks 7-inch EP (reissue w/different cover): Royal Police / Woke Up Screaming / Disco Sucks / Nazi Training Camp. Quintessence (QEP 002).
  June 1979
 No Fun At the Disco No Fun, At The Disco 7-inch EP: Suzyside / Cowtown / Don’t Get Uptight / Snog / The Man Who Collected Diseases. Werewolf T-Shirt Records (WTSF 2).
 Pointed Sticks Realthing Pointed Sticks, 7-inch single: The Real Thing b/w Out Of Luck. Quintessence (QS 103).
  August 1979
 Complication LP Various Artists album, Vancouver Complication. Pinned Records (PIN001). Includes the Pointed Sticks, Exxotone, DOA, Active Dog, Wasted Lives, Subhumans, U-J3RK5, No Fun, Dishrags, K-Tels, Shades, Tim Ray, Private School, and [e?]. NOTE: The CD reissue by Sudden Death Records includes bonus tracks by Rude Norton, Tim Ray, and the Dishrags.
 Payolas China Boys Payolas, 7-inch single: China Boys b/w Make Some Noise. Slophouse Records.
  September 1979
 Active Dog 7 Active Dog, 7-inch single: Rat Race b/w Good Filthy Fun.
Braineaters squared  Braineaters, 7-inch EP: Braineater / Funtime / Last Date / Rock Rock / Edge. Wrong World Records. Packaged in colour silkscreen printed manilla envelope.
  October 1979
 Pointed Sticks Lies Pointed Sticks, 7-inch single: Lies b/w I’m Numb. Quintessence (QS 104).
 Pointed Sticks Out of Luck EP Pointed Sticks, 7-inch EP: Out Of Luck / What Do You Want Me to Do? / Somebodies Mom. Stiff Records (Buy 59), UK only. NOTE: Also released on 12-inch (Buy 59 12) with an extra version of Out Of Luck.
 DOA Triumph DOA, Triumph of the Ignoroids 12-inch live EP: Nazi Training Camp / Want Some Bondage / Rich Bitch / Let’s Fuck. Friends Records (FR 001). Recorded live at the (first) Georgia Straight Battle Of The Bands in 1978.
 Wasted Lives 7 Wasted Lives / Big Black Puppets, split 7-inch single: Divorce b/w False Hopes. Spoken Records.
  November 1979
 Dishrags Past Dishrags 7-inch EP: Past Is Past / Love Is Shit / Tormented. Modern Records (MR 1), Seattle.
  December 1979
 DOA WW3 DOA, 7-inch single: World War 3 b/w Whatcha Gonna Do. Quintessence (also released on Sudden Death Records, limited edition with different picture sleeve).
 Private School squared Private School, 7-inch EP: Money, Guns & Power / Fuck You / I Wanna Know / Sci Fi. Full Friction Records. Packaged in colour printed legal-sized envelope.
 Bonus Boys 7 Bonus Boys, 7-inch single: Everytime I See A Car Like Yours Go By b/w Wasting Your Time. Tsunami Music.
  January 1980
 Young Canadians Hawaii Young Canadians, Hawaii 12-inch EP: Hawaii / Well Well Well / Hulla Baloo Girls / No Escape. Quintessence (QEP 1201). 
First 500 copies included the aborted "K-Tels" 7-inch EP: Automan / Don’t Tell Me / Where Are You?
  February 1980
 Subhumans EP Subhumans, 12-inch EP: Death Was Too Kind / Fuck You / Inquisition Day / Slave To My Dick. Quintessence (QEP 1202).
 e Reaction 7 [e?], 7-inch single: Reaction b/w Coincidence. Box Prod 80 Records.
 Tim Ray (blank) Bob Coulter, Don’t Let Me Go 7-inch EP. Red Records.
  April 1980
 Dils EP Dils, Made In Canada double-7-inch EP: Sound Of The Rain / Not Worth It / Red Rockers. Rogelletti Records (RR 001).
 Rude Norton 7 Rude Norton, 7-inch EP: Sea Cruise / Gilligan’s Island / Green Acres / The Israelites / Tits On The Beach. Rogelletti Records (RR 002).
 Secret V's Modern Boy I think Secret V’s, Modern Boy 12-inch EP. Friends Records.
  May 1980
 Modernettes Teen City Modernettes, Teen City 12-inch EP: Barbra / Suicide Club /Celebrity Crack-Up / Confidential / Little Girls / Teen City. Quintessence (QEP 1204).
 U-J3RK5 EP U-J3RK5, 12-inch EP: The Anglican / The Locator / Eisenhower & the Hippies / Booty Dread. Quintessence (QEP 1207). Re-released by PolyGram Records in August 1980.
  June 1980
 No Exit LP No Exit, self-titled album, self-released. Studio side recorded at Braineaters home studio. Live side recorded at the Smilin' Buddha by Braineaters Mobile.
 Dishrags Death Dishrags, 7-inch EP: Death In The Family / Beware Of Dog / All The Pain. "RCA Records" (a facsimile of RCA's 1970’s UK label).
 Shriek 7 The Shriek, Sex Sells 12-inch EP: All Fucked Up / Fuck Up / 1980 / Lost Control / Kids / Intermission. Rude Records (REP 1).
 Payolas Introducing Payolas, Introducing Payola$ 12-inch EP: China Boys / TNT / Rose / Jukebox. A&M Records (SP23500).
  July 1980
 Subhumans Firing Squad Subhumans, 7-inch single: Firing Squad b/w No Productivity. Quintessence (QS 105).
 Haters squared Haters, 7-inch EP: A Song For Nihilism Now / War of the Worms / Hermaphrodite Liberation / Hateogramme / Protest Nose. Self-released. (Note: image is from an advert, not the actual picture sleeve)
 Payolas China Boys reissue Payolas, 7-inch single: China Boys b/w Juke Box. A&M Records (A&M 494).
  August 1980
 U-J3RK5 EP U-J3RK5, 12-inch EP (reissue): Same track listing. PolyGram Records (PEP 301).
warsaw flexi Warsaw, Talking Volume flexi-disc. (Friends Records)
  September 1980
 DOA Something LP DOA, Something Better Change album. Friends Records (FR 003).
 Young Canadians This EP Young Canadians, This is Your Life 12-inch EP: Data Redux / Just A Loser / This Is Your Life / Don’t Bother Me. Quintessence (QEP1205).
 Braineaters 10inch Flexi Braineaters, Planet X 10-inch flexi-disc: Modern Man / Kid Stuff / Closet Case / Screw You / London Town / Wrong World / Johnny.
 Maurice & the Cliches 1 Maurice & The Clichés, 12-inch EP.
  October 1980
 Female Hands EP Female Hands, 12-inch EP: Divided By Three / No One Likes Me / Annarea / Stop All Biology / If I Only Had A Brain / Monopoly Of Minds. Quintessence (QEP 1203).
  November 1980
 Subhumans Incorrect LP Subhumans, Incorrect Thoughts album. Friends Records (FR 008).
 Pointed Sticks Perfect LP Pointed Sticks, Perfect Youth album. Quintessence Records (QLP 002).
 AKA Red Therapy AKA, Red Therapy 12-inch EP. Seouldog Records.
 Vancouver Independence LP Various Artists album, Vancouver Independence. Friends Records. Includes the Subhumans, Metros, Droogs, Si Monkey, No Exit, B-Sides, Melodic Energy Commission, and Singing Cowboys.
  December 1980
 Nomeansno Wormies NoMeansNo, 7inch single: Look, Here Come The Wormies b/w SS Social Service. Self-released (Victoria, BC).
  1981 selected discography
DOA Hardcore 81 LP  DOA, Hardcore ’81 album. Friends Records.
 DOA Positively EP DOA, Positively DOA 7-inch EP: World War 3 / The Enemy / My Old Man’s A Bum / New Wave Sucks. Alternative Tentacles (Virus 7) UK only.
 Bud LP 1 Various Artists album, Bud Luxford Presents. Grant Records.
 Bud Luxford Vol2 Various Artists album, Bud Luxford Presents, On Sale Inside: Volume 2.
 Secret V's No Life Secret V’s, No Life Like It 12-inch EP. Useful Records.
 Payolas In a Place Like This Payolas, In A Place Like This LP. A&M Records.
 Bsides Bedtime 7 B-Sides, 7-inch EP: Bedtime For Ronald / Underground Radio Stars / She’s A Raver.  Radioactive Records.
 Bsides Invasion B-Sides, 7-inch single: Invasion of the Money Snatchers b/w Much Too Serious. Radioactive Records.
 Braineater Hyde Park 7inch Braineaters, 7-inch single: Hyde Park b/w School Girl.
 Los Pops Working Girls Los Popularos, 7-inch single: Working Girls b/w Mystery To Myself. Puerco-Maria Records.
 Modernettes Gone LP Modernettes, Gone...But Not Forgiven 12-inch EP/mini-LP. Dale Hickey/Challenger Sound Productions.
 Blank Flexi-disc [e?], Prime Cuts 7-inch flexi-disc. Soundtrack to Paul Wong video of the same name.
 e levitation syndrome [e?], Levitation Syndrome 12-inch EP. Rogelletti Records (RR 12 004).
 Tin Twist Tin Twist, 7inch EP: Sometimes It’s Funny / Sitting Here, Waiting Here / Stupid Cars. MoDaMu Records (MDM1).
 Popular Front 7inch Popular Front, 7-inch single: Doomsday Army b/w Puppet. MoDaMu Records (MDM2).
 Gentlemen of Horror Sterling Gentlemen Of Horror, Sterling Death 7inch EP.
 Villains Life of Crime Villains, Life Of Crime 12-inch EP.
 Dayglos EP Dayglo Abortions, Out Of The Womb LP. (Victoria, BC)
 Nomeansno Betrayal Fear NoMeansNo, Betrayal Fear Anger Hatred 7inch EP. (Victoria, BC)
 Infamous Scientists Noise Infamous Scientists, Noise 'n' Rhythm EP: All Your Ears Can Hear / Television Control / Amnesia / Noise 'n' Rhythm. Alandhiscar Records (AL101). (Victoria, BC)
  1982 selected discography
 DOA War On 45 DOA, War On 45 12-inch EP. Alternative Tentacles/Faulty Products (in the US); released in Canada by Fringe Records.
 Randy Rampage EP Randy Rampage, self-titled 12-inch EP. Friend’s Records.
 Los Pops Born Free Los Popularos, Born Free 12-inch EP. Los Radicos Popularos label.
 Modnernettes View From Modernettes, View From The Bottom 12-inch EP/mini LP. Vox Desperatum (VDR 1301).
 Various-things are still coming ashore Various Artists album, Things Are Still Coming Ashore. MoDaMu Records (MDM3). Four songs each from the Animal Slaves, Junco Run, and 54-40.
 Insex 7 Insex, 7-inch EP: 1x1 / Lock & Key / Play Or Die. MoDaMu (MDM4).
 5440 selection 54/40, Selection 12-inch 6-song EP. MoDaMu (MDM5).
 Blank 12-inch Scissors, self-titled 12-inch EP. Self-released.
 Payolas No Stranger Payolas, No Stranger to Danger LP. A&M Records.
 Tim Ray (blank) Moev, Cracked Mirror 7-inch single. Neotix label.
 Moev EP Moev, Rotting Geraniums b/w Cracked Mirror 12-inch EP. Go! Records (San Francisco).
 Moev Zimmer Moev, Zimmerkampf album. Go! Records (San Francisco).
 Magic Dragon 12inch Magic Dragon, 12-inch EP.
 Maurice & the Cliches 2 Maurice & the Clichés, C’est La Vie LP.
 Infamous Scientists Trouble Infamous Scientists, Trouble 12-inch EP. Alandhiscar Records. (Victoria BC)
 Neos 7 Neos, 7-inch EP. Self-released. (Victoria BC)
  1983 selected discography
 Subhumans No Wishes LP Subhumans, No Wishes No Prayers LP. SST Records (US).
 DOA Right 2 B Wild orig DOA, Right To Be Wild 7-inch single: Burn It Down b/w Fuck You. Sudden Death Records (reissued in the US with a different picture sleeve by CD Presents).
 DOA General Strike DOA, 7-inch single: General Strike b/w That’s Life. Sudden Death Records.
 DOA Bloodied LP DOA, Bloodied But Unbowed: The Damage to Date, 1978-83 ("best of" collection). CD Presents (US).
 Shanghai Dog EP Shanghai Dog, Clanging Bell 12-inch EP. Shanghai Dog Records (SDEP 001).
 Phil Smith LP Phil Smith, The Phil Smith Album. Zulu Records.
 Actionauts 7 Actionauts, 7-inch single: Vagabond b/w Hash Assassin. Zulu Records.
 Enigmas EP ad Enigmas, self-titled 12-inch EP. Mystery Records.
 Moral Lepers Turn to Stone Moral Lepers, Turn to Stone 12-inch 6-song EP. MoDaMu (MDM6).