The Modernettes

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The Modernettes were formed in 1979, based on the central partnership of John Armstrong, aka Buck Cherry, and Mary Armstrong, aka Mary-Jo Kopechne. John formed the Modernettes soon after Active Dog split up in early 1979, drafting drummer John McAdams and Mary to form the “classic” three-piece. They released the landmark Teen City 12-inch EP in 1980 on Quintessence Records, and made a video for lead-off track Barbra. They would split up, then reform, and release two more 12-inch EPs before dissolving in late 1983. In 1991 Zulu Records released a CD collection of Modernettes studio recordings and unreleased live tracks, Get It Straight; later reissued and currently available from Sudden Death Records.

Les sez: John Armstrong was an astute song writer and capable guitar player, a Svengali of sorts, and Mary was a piece of much-needed glamor and sex appeal in the gritty punk scene. Together, they created some of the most memorable music of the era. Unlike much of what came out of that period, Modernettes sound absolutely contemporary today.

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